Red Imported Fire Ants, Argentine Ants, Black House Ant, Carpenter Ants the common kinds of Ants which we will find our household. But we know how to get rid from these insects. We know how to manage a Ants control services in your properties. We have been applying several kinds of treatment methods to Ants control. We do not apply a particular methods again and again. Because Ants are so odd tolerant incest which can use to a particular pesticide or insecticides vary fast and quickly. So that we have been using different kinds of pesticides or insecticides each services (the frequency is each service minimum per 3 months).

Before the treatment we are inspection of the properties and hardly try to find main nest of Ants queens. After that we decide to applicable methods by the series negotiating with our senior technicians, entomologist and the property owner. Then we apply the best methods of the Ant Control treatment.

So that we can ensuring you to confirming get rid from the ant by our Ant Control Service. We also provide more than 03 (Three) months guarantee for our Ant Control Services.